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Full Service Accounting

Suntide helps business owners and commercial real estate investors by providing full service Accounting and Financial Analysis for their property or portfolio.



For a property to perform its best, it needs to provide a return on investment. Suntide offers full service commercial real estate Accounting to help investors achieve this goal. Our team works to understand your property’s unique situation, its history as well as your own personal financial goals. Financial statements and management reports are distributed monthly to owners, providing a detailed review of the previous months’ activity, along with budget variances and reforecasts. Suntide’s accounting services also include rent collection, accounts payable, developing yearly budgets, analyzing expenses and much more.

Budget Preparation

Suntide will work with you to create a budget and provide a variance analysis if your actual budget deviates from that plan. This will help you maintain control over your property’s expenses by monitoring its planned versus actual costs.

Suntide can also manage real estate among a group of owners (REITS) and provide a fair and equitable summary of all capital contributions and distributions.

Suntide will provide a detailed amortization schedule which can help you predict your outstanding balance or interest cost at any point in the future. That, alongside an appreciation/depreciation schedule, will give you a comprehensive picture of your property through time.

Monthly Financial Reports

Once a month our clients receive a detailed Property Management report, including any work that was done, issues that were raised, or recommendations that came up during a property inspection. Clients also receive a custom financial report detailing

  • Balance sheets and operating statements
  • Accounts receivable and payable reports
  • Detailed general ledger
  • Variance reports
  • Utility summary
  • Bank and mortgage statements
  • Budgets compared to actual
  • Rent rolls, lease expires, occupancy and vacancy reports

Rent Collection

If your property has tenants, Suntide can serve as the liaison in tenant relations and rent collection. We handle all aspects of accounts receivable including timing, common area maintenance, delinquency follow up, making deposits and transfers to savings. Once a month you’ll receive rent rolls, lease expiry reports and occupancy/vacancy graphs.

Bill Pay

Suntide can also manage all bill pay for the property, including paying any outstanding mortgage and escrow. We process vendor payments such as utilities, garbage collection, landscaping and snow removal. Many repairs can be done in-house through our Construction department, saving you the time and money associated with securing a third party. We then do monthly reconciliations and maintain the property’s bank accounts, watching out for any discrepancies, low balances or suspicious activity. We can also manage any equity leases, step leases, rent concessions, and moving allowances that may have been negotiated during Brokerage.

With both your net operating income and accounts payable side-by-side in your monthly statement, you’ll be able to see and compare your resources and make adjustments as necessary.

Tax Preparation

Tax season is a time to take advantage of deductions and credits, stay in compliance, and prepare for the year ahead. Suntide provides complimentary accounting services during tax season that many other firms charge for including

  • Process 1099’s and collect W9’s
  • Compiling and paying sales/use tax
  • Preparation of year-end financial reports to send to clients’ preferred tax accountant
  • Working with annual auditors
  • Beginning real estate tax appeal process
  • Corresponding regularly with tax appeal attorneys
  • Advocating to obtain tax credits and reductions

During tax season, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you already have a financial team assigned who is familiar with your assets.

Commercial Real Estate Accounting

We want our Property Management and Accounting services to work for you. Each client relationship can be tailored to the needs of the client and priced accordingly. If you need to make adjustments or require special services, give us a call at 651-603-0321 and we’ll put together a custom proposal for you.