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The Challenge

1000 University was originally a manufacturing plant with a battery shop in the back lot. Suntide purchased the historic property with the intent to redevelop it into an office complex.

image of the original front of 1000 University with canopy
image of the original backlot at 1000 University
image of original battery store in backlot

The Process

The entire property went through a complete overhaul. The parking lot was resurfaced and a 2-story glass entryway was constructed. The interior was gutted and office suites were constructed out of the existing spaces, many utilizing the property’s original timber beams and duct work.

image of new windows installed at 1000 University
image of the new entryway at 1000 University under construction
image of the original timber ceilings at 1000 University

The Final Result

Today, 1000 University is a testament to the redevelopment and rebirth of the Midway neighborhood. The property offers over 46,000 SF of office space and is currently leased by to 6 professional tenants. The energy efficient construction features new windows, electrical systems and rooftop solar. Additional amenities include a rooftop deck, common conference room and renovated common areas.

image of 1000 University exterior, St. Paul
image of the rooftop deck at 1000 University
image of open staircase at 1000 University
view of remodeled conference room at 1000 University
image of remodeled restroom at 1000 University

resurfaced parking lot

rooftop solar

new 2-story entryway

energy efficient windows

common conference room

upgraded HVAC

rooftop deck

original timber ceilings