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It’s been a busy year at Suntide. As we head into Q4, our Construction team has seen a few trends emerge in office and retail remodeling. Some are responses to the health crisis, but others have been increasing in popularity for several years now.

1. Mixed Media Lobbies

Lobbies form a first impression of a company’s character, quality, and even how an employer provides for his or her employees. The latest design trend to emerge is the fusion of non-similar ideas. For example, with texture it might be the pairing of leather and wood against granite finishes. In paint, it might be color-blocking, as in combining colors that are far apart on the color wheel. The result is a stimulating, multi-layered effect which is both fresh and inviting.

2. Open Floor Plans

Open floor plans continue to be in high demand. The majority of office users want large, open floor plans where people can easily move around and practice sufficient social distancing. Open spaces feel more comfortable than low-ceiling, enclosed spaces. Large windows, good HVAC filtration and lots of open space make employees happier and healthier, which boosts productivity and employee morale.

3. Bright Colors

A new paint job can do more than just brighten up a room. Colors can really change the energy in a workplace. A growing trend among companies is to infuse workspaces with splashes of bright color to promote energy, productivity and happiness. Also there has been much more demand for non-traditional paint styles. Companies are forgoing flat, single-color walls and instead choosing to communicate their company’s culture with bold stripes and accents.

4. Updated Conference Rooms

With more employees working remotely, it has become increasingly important for business owners to invest in state-of-the-art technology. Conference rooms are being fitted with teleconferencing. Additional walls are needed for widescreen displays and network connections. Roll-up garage doors allow for a space to be expanded if necessary. Some companies have added extra doors to create entry-only and exit-only pathways, another way to encourage social distancing.

5. Health & Fitness Studios

As offices convert to a live, work, play setting, many companies are building fitness rooms, yoga spaces, wellness rooms and juice bars. Studies have shown that a midday workout can reduce stress, increase employees’ health and encourage innovation. Also, for those short on space, many online programs allow visitors to take virtual yoga classes and fitness instruction.

6. Energy Efficiency Upgrades

Whether the goal is to pursue Energy Star certification, comply with city ordinances or simply engage in cost-cutting practices, energy efficiency upgrades continue to be very popular construction projects. Although not as visible as typical remodeling projects, upgrading a property’s energy efficiency has many intangible benefits including tenant comfort and environmental stewardship.

7. Health & Sanitation Upgrades

The covid crisis left many businesses unprepared. Many offices had been designed for “collaboration” and suddenly the trend became “social distancing.” This resulted in an influx of requests for Health & Sanitation Upgrades and we expect that trend to continue. Health & Sanitation upgrades have included temp stations, take-out windows, traffic-controlled entryways and more. By far the most popular request has been the installation of plexiglass guards and screens.

Keeping Our Customers & Employees Safe

The health and safety of our tenants, customers and employees is a top priority at Suntide. Our construction crew follows strict CDC workplace guidelines, both for the safety of our staff and for our clients. We practice social distancing on the job site, frequent hand washing and wearing PPE. We disinfect commonly used surfaces such as tools, supplies and supply boxes several times each day. Shared tools are disinfected between use of each team member.

Everyone shares the responsibility of keeping themselves and everyone on the job safe – including our subcontractors. Our goal is to maintain a safe work environment so that we can all keep working and thriving.


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