Suntide has Partnered with KW Commercial Midwest

We are pleased to announce a formal partnership with KW Commercial Midwest. The partnership will combine our award-winning commercial real estate services at Suntide with the diverse, visionary team of KW Commercial Midwest to bring about impactful business...

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History of the Court International Building

Willys-Overland Motor Company of Toledo, OH, erected our building in 1915. Willys is best known for it’s 1940’s-era army-vehicle-design the “Jeep”! During WW1, this building was used as an Aviation school, and by 1927, was officially known as a Willys- Overland Motors...

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Court International Encourages a Healthy Lifestyle

At Court International we like to encourage a healthy lifestyle, from offering yoga classes on your lunch hour to a farmer’s market delivery service in the summer. We are adding to our tenant amenities. Shower and bike storage rooms have recently opened to the tenants...

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