Max Facts

Did you know?….

BTU load reduction from LED lighting is just as important in summer as reducing lighting itself. It also reduces the load on your air conditioner

Summer time includes a lot of holidays. Make sure your EMS is set up for your holiday schedule so you are not running your system over Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day.

The most important part when preparing for your build-out is having finished selections picked out prior to the start of construction.

Leaving selections until later tends to cause subtrade overlap and delays.

See up to a 70% reduction in salting usage – apply a Liquid Ice Melts product before the next snow fall to prevent snow from sticking to the ground, says Max.  It reduces slip and falls and is environmentally safe.

Is your HVAC zoned correctly in your office space? Max recommends zoning interior and exterior space separately. Each zone shouldn’t exceed 2000 SF. It’s the difference between overheating the interior offices while those by windows are warm and comfortable.