Broadway Place West Lowest Energy Consumption in the City

Broadway Place West Receives Award from Mayor Hodges for Lowest Energy Consumption in the City

MINNEAPOLIS—Suntide Commercial Realty, today announced that Broadway Place West, an office building located in NE Minneapolis, received an award for having the lowest energy consumption of all business buildings in the City of Minneapolis 100,000 SF or larger. The award was presented by Mayor Betsy Hodges during the Minneapolis Building Energy Challenge kick-off on October 14th. In 2014 Broadway Place West used 42,000 BTU’s per sq. ft. per year, which is 57% less than the average office building over 100,000 SF in the City of Minneapolis.

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About Broadway Place Energy Program

Since 2010, Broadway Place West has reduced building energy consumption by 20% which represents 519 metric tons of CO2 emissions. This energy savings is like taking 112 vehicles off the road each year and saving 59,000 gallons of gasoline. The outcome, from a five year energy reduction plan, was developed by Suntide property managers and building engineers. Opportunities in the building were identified to reduce energy consumption and reduce C02 emissions, including ideas from staff and tenants in the building.

Every piece of mechanical equipment in the property was upgraded and computer programs rewritten to achieve efficiencies. Tenant efforts including turning off electrical lights and computer monitors helped to make a difference. LED lights have been used to replace fluorescent and incandescent bulbs extensively throughout the property and to reduce water consumption, low flow aerators were installed on facets and low flow toilets replace the less efficient.

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