A few words about us


Suntide Commercial Realty, Inc consists of 2 Principals, 3 Broker-Agents, 4 Property Managers,  Maintenance Technicians, as well as Accounting, Marketing and other Administrative Specialists.  Suntide has been providing full service commercial real estate services since 1982.  Our Principals alone bring more than 90 years of collective commercial real estate experience to the table.

Between 2004 and 2015, Suntide Commercial Realty has made updates to the equipment and systems of several of our large portfolio clients. These changes have lowered CAM charges and energy usage for all, and brought on a higher level of overall building efficiency.

Several of our larger properties have been awarded the “Energy Star” designation as a result of these changes. This includes the historic Court International building in St. Paul – Suntide has made significant strides toward bringing this 320,000 square foot building into the 21st century, and our hard work is paying off for our clients.

Who we are


A Landlord that cares

We care about relationships with our clients, our properties, and green initiatives to promote energy efficiency.


A Full Service Commercial Realty Firm

We offer property sales, property management and accounting, residential management, facilities maintenance, construction, and landlord and tenant representation.


All in One Property Management

Suntide believes that our relationship with a property owner is one in which we virtually become a department within the owners’ organization. It is our responsibility to protect and enhance the value of the owners’ asset and to advise the owner of changing conditions in the marketplace.

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