Suntide’s knowledgeable and skilled Maintenance engineers are in-house, providing you with someone who is intimately familiar with your property. Our technicians can handle most any job or repair, giving you the peace of mind that your property is always performing its best. We treat each property as if it were our own, focusing on six key points of commercial property maintenance:

Facility Management

Keeping a commercial property running smoothly is a labor intensive process and requires on-the-ground response and expertise. Our Maintenance team can service clogged drains, ceiling leaks, door adjustments, lock installation, light fixture replacements, and more. They will also provide proactive support for issues covered in a tenant’s lease.



Suntide’s Property Managers will provide weekly inspections of your property, including a complete walkthrough of the exterior and commons areas. Our Maintenance team is then able to provide asphalt patching, landscaping, paint touch-ups, graffiti removal, garbage collection, snow shoveling, and assure that the parking lot has proper waste drainage. Our team will work to keep your property tidy, professional, and looking its best.


HVAC Inspections & Repair

One of the most important features of Property Management is HVAC inspections and repair. Our Maintenance team can troubleshoot and repair commercial HVAC equipment as needed. This includes repairing and replacing filters and belts, clean coils, and performing scheduled maintenance on blower motors, heat pumps, furnaces, boiling and cooling towers.

Our team can also look for Energy Efficiency opportunities that can reduce your property’s energy consumption and reduce maintenance costs in the long run.


Electric & Plumbing

Our Maintenance team can diagnose, repair, and install both electrical wiring and plumbing. When a project requires an outside vendor, we manage the permitting and inspection process on each job.



Tenant Requests

If your property has tenants, our Property Managers and Maintenance team are able to provide 24/7 support. Property Managers will use discretion to determine if a repair is covered in a lease, locate whether the request is within a rentable space or common area, and keep accurate records and Accounting of any accrued costs.


Job Tracking

Suntide uses software to input and track work orders for our Maintenance staff. This allows Property Managers the ability to visit a property, log and track service requests, and set up repairs in real time. It also allows for the Maintenance team to document what work was performed along with the ability to add photos and notes. The software is also used to track tenant and vendors COIs, tenant contact information, and any relevant building information that our Property Managers and Maintenance staff can use while servicing your property.


Property Maintenance Twin Cities

If you are interested in Property Maintenance for your office, retail or industrial property, give Suntide a call at 651-603-0321. We’d be happy to provide you with a custom Proposal based on your property’s size, number of tenants, and location.


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